Challenge Rewind: Remembering The Invasion Champs' First Competition

Because who doesn't love a trip down memory lane?

Eight Challenge victors will soon invade and shock the s**t out of the underdogs. But before these four men and four women take their marks on the battlefield, it's important to remember how far they've come since donning that uniform for the first time.

Because it's Flashback Friday -- and who doesn't love a trip down memory lane? -- we've rounded up the inaugural cast images from the champs' rookie seasons (featured in chronological order). Peep the priceless photos below -- plus a bit of history surrounding their appearances on those installments -- and be sure to keep watching Invasion of the Champions every Tuesday at 9/8c!

  • Darrell from The Gauntlet
    Jason Campbell

    First time was the charm for the Road Rules: Campus Crawl vet during the Real World and RR showdown. The strong competitor never had to go in the Gauntlet, and he walked away with the grand prize (along with team members Adam, Cara, Dave, Rachel, Roni , Sarah, Theo and Veronica).

  • CT from The Inferno
    Zach Cordner

    The Real World: Paris alum may have butted heads with his former roomie Leah, but he was a dominant part of the RW group. Unfortunately, though, CT and his fellow "polite" gang (Coral, The Miz and Syrus) had to settle for silver.

  • Bananas from The Duel
    Jason Campbell

    The Brazil-based adventure ended abruptly for the Real World: Key West export -- he was sent packing after the first elimination (damn watermelons!).

  • Cara Maria from Fresh Meat 2

    Just like Bananas, the Bostonian (with partner Darrell) lost the first do-or-die competition and tasted defeat following the first Exile.

  • Laurel from Fresh Meat 2

    The then-24-year-old had an impressive showing with partner Kenny throughout the Canadian adventure -- but ultimately, she finished in second place behind dark horses Landon and Carley.

  • Camila from Cutthroat

    The feisty Brazilian gave a strong performance during her time in the Czech Republic -- it isn't easy being the first one sent into an elimination and emerging on top! She was eventually ousted around the mid-way point of the game but later described her aforementioned victory (against Emilee) as her "defining underdog moment."

  • Ashley from Battle of the Seasons

    The former San Diego resident went in to the Arena only once -- and she was able to cross the finish line first with her RW crew. Not too shabby for a first Challenge appearance!

  • Zach from Battle of the Seasons

    The Thor lookalike (unsurprisingly) dominated the game, notching wins and dominating the Arena. And when the Namibia final was over, he snagged a winning piece of the $250,000 (along with Ashley).