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Ed Sheeran Damages His Face Even More In The ‘Shape Of You’ Video

The guy can’t catch a break

Ed Sheeran is no stranger to facial trauma. His current tour in the spotlight kicked off not with the release of his two new singles, but with a wound he received during a royal mishap involving James Blunt. He wears that scar proudly, and in the new video for "Shape of You," he even suffers a few more blows to the skull.

In "Shape of You," Sheeran is suddenly transformed into an amateur boxer who strikes up a romance with another boxer, played by Jennie Pegouskie. After making eyes at each other in the gym, they meet when she accidentally slams her locker door into his face, which is usually the perfect excuse to ask someone out.

Their courtship culminates in an unexpected standoff in which Sheeran tries to apply his boxing skills to a slightly different sport (and gets his butt handed to him, to Pegouskie's delight). When it comes to sheer mass, he was outranked from the get-go.