Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Bella Thorne Is A ‘Smurf’ Who Takes Topless Pics Now


Bella Thorne stars as a "very serious [young] Smurf" in two new photos shared across her social media. Her skin isn't blue like the lovable childhood characters, but her hair certainly is. She also ditches her shirt, which kind of makes sense since male Smurfs are shirtless.

The second pic — taken by Thorne's assistant, Lo Jeannee, judging from Instagram tags — is much more lighthearted. There's plenty to smile about when your breasts aren't being held prisoner by underwire, after all.

The good news is, Thorne's getting plenty of practice for all the side boob in her upcoming TV show, Famous in Love. The bad news is, it's still unclear if she followed through on that promise to pierce her nipple. Some things are meant to stay a mystery, I suppose.