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Zayn And Taylor Swift’s New Video Is All Sexual Tension: See The First Clip

‘I Don't Wanna Live Forever’ looks DRAMATIC AF

If you’ve been feeling crazy — itching all night, all night and every day — for Zayn and Taylor Swift’s “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever” video, we have good news for you: Your wait is almost over.

After teasing fans with two stills — one midnight blue and one red-hot — Zayn took to Twitter today to share the first footage from the video. There’s a lot of drama packed into the 15-second teaser, which begins with Z looking very Christian Grey–like in a dark suit as he emerges from a car. It’s raining, but there’s a man with an umbrella waiting for him because Z is nothing if not posh AF. From there, it’s all about Taylor’s dark lipstick and dramatic head flips ...

... as well as Zayn’s dish-shattering meltdown.

Tension! Sexiness! Destruction! Moody lighting! Honestly, what else would you expect from a Fifty Shades Darker collab?

Check out the teaser below, and look out for the full video when it arrives Thursday night at midnight EST (thanks for the heads up, Taylor).

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