Are You The One? Indiscretion: Can Kam Forgive Edward For His Shocking Sexcapade?

After the two were confirmed as a perfect match, he did the deed with...Alicia

No. Just... NO.

That's not an answer to the above question, mind you. We are shaming Edward's behavior on tonight's beyond-shocking episode of Are You The One? The fitness model committed a moral mistake of the worst kind following his perfect match reveal in the Truth Booth, which just so happened to be the first confirmed match of the season.

Admittedly, Eddie didn't act alone -- it takes two to tango. After being dubbed a confirmed match with Kam, he spent his final night in the house in another girl's arms: those belonging to Alicia, Kam's now-former best friend. Sure, it goes without saying that Eddie made connections with both women. He sat with Kam during two Match-Up Ceremonies, and while he and Alicia began their rendezvous in the friend zone, the duo quickly established silly nicknames, a bizarre secret handshake and overly friendly feelings for one another.

The trio of New Jersey natives soon found themselves in the weirdest, friendliest love triangle in Are You The One? history. Unsurprisingly, three quickly became a crowd, and Alicia wound up on the jealous end of the spectrum following the big Kedward Truth Booth reveal. And rather than immediately cozy up to his perfect match, Eddie took that opportunity to have one final hurrah in the house, cozying up to the very available 23-year-old.

We do commend the two for (kind of) coming clean to Kam — they admitted a kiss and left out that whole intercourse part — but the strangest thing is that neither party seemed all that remorseful for their actions.

"Last night in the house, and I'm going to enjoy it with everyone in the house," Eddie said. "I care about her feelings, but hey, I'm here because I do stupid sh*t."

Excuses, much? A simple, sincere "I'm sorry, I f*cked up," can go a long way, buddy.

Kam later hit the nail on the head: "When that screen says 'perfect match,' know your boundaries."

Perfect matches are nothing to scoff at — some might even consider them soulmate material. And now these two are headed into the honeymoon suite with some majorly unresolved issues. Is there any way to recover from this giant step back, or are these two doomed for a completely miserable "honeymoon"? Sound off, and join us as we check in on these two next Wednesday at 9/8c!