Tom Hanks, Dirt On Face, Some Dead Horses: Welcome To Dad-Movie Bingo

Add a too-soon dramatization of a real-life tragedy, and you’ve got bingo!

Hollywood is run by dads — dads with a few more nips and tucks than your average middle-aged straight white guy, but still born-and-raised townies from Dadville, U.S. of A. That’s why there’s always a dad movie at your local multiplex; last year alone brought us Sully, Jason Bourne, The Accountant, The Magnificent Seven, The Finest Hours, and the macho mythmaking series of Patriots Day and Deepwater Horizon to ignore. Still, usually a couple of dad movies get the prestige treatment every Oscar season, like today’s Best Pic nominees Hacksaw Ridge, a World War II drama, and Hell or High Water, a Western co-starring Jeff Bridges as a Texas lawman.

Dad movies might be good, but they’re rarely exciting — especially as award contenders — because the No. 1 qualification for the genre is that you’re pretty sure you’ve seen the movie before. So to help you stay more engaged the next time you find yourself stuck watching Steven Spielberg direct Tom Hanks saving America from Nazis, here are a trio of dad-movie bingo cards. Or just go make a couple of ham and cheese sandwiches for you and your dad. It’s not like you’re going to miss anything you can’t catch up on anyway.