The Girl Meets World Finale Missed One Major Goodbye

Harley Keiner’s last scene was apparently cut

Girl Meets World is known for doing things right, like exploring Asperger's syndrome or teaching its young audience how to deal with bullying. However, the series finale that aired last Friday (January 20) might have earned a detention from Mr. Feeny.

It's no secret that Danny McNulty, who played thug Harley Keiner on Boy Meets World and reprised his role as a reformed citizen on Girl Meets World, is trying his hardest to save the show. For months, he's been urging Disney to renew Girl Meets World and not let these characters' stories end prematurely. That's why it was extra heartbreaking to learn that Disney had apparently cut his scene from the finale.

He shared a snippet from the "Girl Meets Goodbye" script on Instagram, featuring a deleted scene between Keiner and Minkus (Lee Norris). "I would have liked to of had my chance to say goodbye to all of the fans but #DisneyChannel took that away from me," he captioned, "and that is something I will never forgive."

To add insult to injury, McNulty filmed himself reciting his lines on the Girl Meets World set, then wrote, "This is what my scene would have sounded like... if the #DisneyChannel didn't cut my part out 💔."

This finale brought back many Boy Meets World characters — including both Morgans and the OG Joshua Matthews — and gathered all the major players together to help Topanga (Danielle Fishel) decide if she should take a job in London. McNulty and Norris were present, but weirdly didn't have any lines.

After sharing the above Instas, McNulty posted another behind-the-scenes video, urging a different network or streaming service to pick up the show for a fourth season.