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Star Wars: Episode VIII Has An Official Title — But What Does It Mean?

Who is ‘The Last Jedi?’

Star Wars: Episode VIII officially has a name, so prepare yourself accordingly, OK? The eighth installment in the Skywalker saga shall now be known as Star Wars: The Last Jedi. (That title gets two thumbs up from BB-8.)

Lucasfilm made the unexpected announcement on Monday (January 23) without further explanation. However, writer-director Rian Johnson, who's been referring to the film as "Space Bear," tweeted that he's "excited (and relieved) to finally share this." Of course, with every answer comes even more questions, specifically who is "The Last Jedi?"


It would be easy to assume that, similar to The Force Awakens, the title would refer to Rey (Daisy Ridley). We know she's Force-sensitive, and in the final minutes of Episode VII, she even travels to Ahch-To to find the last living Jedi, Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill), to have him teach her the ways of the Force. That said, we also know that The Last Jedi will focus on what Luke has been up to since his disappearance, so there's also a possibility that the film's title refers to Skywalker himself.

Then again, Jedi is plural, so it's entirely feasible that The Last Jedi concerns both Rey and Luke, adding fuel to the fire that Rey is connected to the Skywalker family.

Will Rey become a Jedi? When Rey found Luke on Ahch-To, he seemed less than willing to take on a new Padawan. We can't blame the guy. All of his students were killed by a young man he trained to use The Force. That probably doesn't sit well on his conscience. But we have to believe that Luke will see Rey's potential to defeat The First Order, so expect Luke and Rey — the last Jedi, if you will — to share plenty of screen time.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, 2017.