Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images + Greg Doherty/Getty Images

Mark Hamill Shouts Out Carrie Fisher-Inspired Protesters At The Women's March

'I know where she stood. You know where she stood.'

Though the dearly departed Carrie Fisher is no longer with us, her image — specifically, that of her likeness as Princess Leia — was all over the Women's March as it rolled through numerous cities in peaceful protest.

Mark Hamill — the Luke Skywalker to Fisher's Leia — noticed the numerous signs that were popping bearing his dear friend's visage, in New York, Los Angeles, and beyond. He wholeheartedly approved, as Fisher probably would've hit the streets to lend her voice to the cause on January 21, too.

Sharing a number of signs from the March that rocked the Leia buns in the name of resistance, Hamill wrote, "I know where she stood. You know where she stood. Such an honor to see her standing with you today. Bigly."

Sounds like the force was with the Women's March. Bigly.