Future’s ‘Poppin’ Tags’ Video Reminds You You’ll Never Be As Rich As Him

‘Hate it or love it’

Future’s “Poppin’ Tags” first popped up on OVO Sound Radio back in November, but the track’s just-released video is right on time for him to drop a new project: something he’s traditionally done in January of previous years (Purple Reign in 2016, Beast Mode in 2015, etc.).

The flashy vid finds Future stunting around Dubai like “a full-grown boss, hate it or love it.” He’s up to his usual tricks: shopping for Ferraris, flaunting wads of cash, riding four-wheelers in the desert, and hanging with pretty women. Nothing like watching one of the richest rappers splurging in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Oh, yeah, and the song’s pretty dope too.

Future hasn’t officially announced a new project yet, but the signs are there. Besides his January tradition of new releases, he also started off the new year by wiping out his entire Instagram. It definitely seems like he’s up to something ... but for now, you can probably just find him counting his stacks.