Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

What’s Up With Cole Sprouse’s Teletubbies Obsession?

Inquiring minds want to know

Teletubbies is the show no one asked for but reluctantly accepted, since it's weird as hell and hard to look away from — especially for Cole Sprouse.

The Riverdale star's current Instagram Story tells a tale we can all relate to: falling down a Wikipedia rabbit hole and escaping into oblivion. While Sprouse wasn't looking up gruesome murders or medieval diseases, he did look up something equally disturbing. "Whoa, fell down that rabbit hole a little too fast," Sprouse wrote after finishing his deep dive, adding, "#TubbieCustard." (FYI, a "Tubby Custard" is a pink dessert the 'tubbies eat.)

In true Sprouse fashion, he hilariously commented on the Teletubbies Wiki page, highlighting key sections that need to be discussed.