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Let Chance The Rapper’s #OptimisticChallenge Video Brighten This Garbage Day

It’s hard out there, but that won’t stop Chance from dancing

Planet Earth is about to get a lot more garbage, but true to form, Chance the Rapper is staying positive. And he's daring you to do the same.

In a new two-minute video posted to Twitter, Chance and four of his friends participate in the #OptimisticChallenge, dancing off their anxiety with all the joy they can muster.

The viral challenge started circulating around Twitter about a week ago after Vine star Jay Versace posted a video of himself and his friends dancing to the Sounds of Blackness song "Optimistic." Since then, Twitter users have dared each other to dance away the pains of the news, one step at a time.

If nothing else, please take a few minutes out of your day to bear witness to Chance and Jay's ineffable positivity.