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Troye Sivan’s ‘Heaven’ Video Honors The Past And Present Of LGBTQ Activism

The singer’s latest clip is a reminder of how far we’ve come and how far there still is to go

In his new video for “Heaven,” Troye Sivan honors the LGBTQ activists who have fought for freedom since the Stonewall riots, as well as those who carry the fight into the 21st century.

The black-and-white video intercuts Sivan and an anonymous love interest with archival footage from historical gay rights marches, as well as historical footage of queer people just living their lives as queer people.

In a 2016 cover interview for Out, Sivan discussed the personal meaning that “Heaven” holds for him. “Writing that song was very therapeutic to me at the time,” he said. “It was me thinking about how hard I try to be a good person and then feeling like, before I even opened my eyes as a little baby — because I think I was born gay — I was a sinner. All of those are very standard, but very confusing and hurtful conversations that you have to have with yourself as an LGBTQ person.” 

The song's video turns those conversations into something hopeful and something worth fighting for — especially as 2017 rolls on.