Ariana Grande’s New Photos Will Remind You To Call Your Grandparents

Nonna and Ari are practically best friends

Ariana Grande is her grandma's No. 1 fan. Marjorie Grande, better known as Nonna, is Ari's maternal grandmother and go-to awards show date. They're very close, so it's no wonder they spent Wednesday (January 18) hanging out.

"When I gave birth to your mother, she was our gift from heaven. I never thought I could have it," Nonna says in Ariana's Instagram story. "She was so beautiful." SOB.

Ari's Dangerous Woman tour begins next month, so she needs to squeeze in all the family time she can get before hitting the road.

Ari wisely remembered to film these precious moments, so they can live on forever. She did the same for her late grandfather, who died in July 2014. Ari still looks to him for guidance and — judging from this t-shirt with his face on it — fashion advice.