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Rihanna Consulted Her 2-Year-Old Niece For Branding Advice

Majesty offers up important advice for her Aunt RiRi’s latest fragrance

In a world in which nearly every celebrity seems to be selling a cotton-candy colored (and/or scented) fragrance, I imagine it can be difficult to for a perfume to stand out. But yesterday Rihanna revealed a key element behind her latest scent. It's small ... yet mighty.

On Instagram, the singer slash fashion mogul revealed footage of her beloved 2-year-old niece helping her pick the design of her latest fragrance, Kiss. Majesty decided just how intensely blue the scent should appear on shelves. The new fragrance follows in the tradition of last summer's Crush and 2015's RiRi.

As always, Rihanna is total Cool Aunt Goals.