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Kylie Jenner Is Wearing A Juicy Tracksuit In The Year Of Our Lord 2017

Though it looks a little different than you might expect

In 2016, Juicy Couture went from having a renaissance moment to a full-blown comeback. The brand released a new collection of sweatsuits, proclaiming "#TRACKISBACK." Mila Kunis announced she was developing a sitcom based on the lives of the Juicy Couture founders. High-end ready-to-wear brand Vetements collaborated with Juicy, resulting in $1,050 velour pants. Kim Kardashian even wore the iconic tracksuit on a magazine cover.

So it's only logical that all of these cosmic elements would align to lead to this moment, in the first month of 2017:

Oh, Kylie. You love to keep me on my toes! I'm always guessing what the heck it is that you're wearing.

Initially, I thought this was a pair of extremely high-waisted Juicy pants, which really defeats all my previous expectations of the incredibly low-sitting classic Juicy suits and, to be quite honest, feels against the law. However, then I wavered and realized maybe it's a jumpsuit. But then you posted this front angle.

Ah, yes. It appears you are wearing a velour top and pants set from the Vetements x Juicy collaboration, which costs approximately $1,640.

Well, I guess no one ever said the early 2000s fashion revival would come cheap.