Courtesy of Burberry/Angelo Pennetta

Jude Law's Daughter Makes Her Debut As The Face Of Burberry Beauty

Iris Law launches her modeling career with the British fashion house

Jude Law doesn't need Twitter to know that the latest achievement of his daughter, Iris, is a pretty big deal.

The 16-year-old isn't joining the family business, exactly, but close: She's breaking out on her own with Burberry Beauty, thus marking her official debut as a model with a gorgeous campaign for the iconic British brand.

Law's face is the canvas for Burberry's new Liquid Lip Velvet line, and you can definitely see the family resemblance here.

While she looks a lot like her dad, her mom, Sadie Frost, is the one behind her style inspiration: In interviews with both Teen Vogue and Vanity Fair, Law credits her mum as her sartorial muse.

"I love pictures of my mom, I’ve got a lot of pictures of my mom and her friends going up the stairs, and they’re always wearing interesting clothes and trying out interesting looks," she told Teen Vogue. "There’s a picture of my mom from when she was younger and punk and she had this crazy eyeliner that goes up from her eyelid to her eyebrow. I copied that exact look for my Halloween costume.”

Her Burberry looks are a bit more natural — for now — but chances are we'll be seeing Law all over billboards, runways, and GIFs in the near future.