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Skrillex Reunited With His Old Band And They've Dropped A New Song

'Make War' marks his return to pop-punk for the first time in a decade

It's been a minute since Skrillex picked up the microphone as a punk singer, as the DJ/producer/songwriter has been a little busy churning out hits of his own and for a select set of pop stars (like Justin Bieber) on the regular since he released his introductory solo LP in 2010.

Now, Skrillex — a.k.a. Sonny Moore — has returned to his roots, as he's joined back up with his old band, From First to Last, to make new music.

"Make War" features Moore on vocals and a dizzying current of power chords, pulverizing drum fills, and absolutely no dubstep whatsoever: This is a time warp back to the days before the huge EDM festivals and earth-shaking beat drops, and it's a refreshing change-up for fans interested in getting a taste of where Moore comes from or hearing him take the reins on a chorus.

It's a great surprise — and a great birthday present, too, as Skrillex turned 29 hours before "Make War" hit Spotify and iTunes on January 15.