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Watch Ed Sheeran Sing A Spice Girls Song With Baby Spice

Meet the new Ginger Spice

A couple of days after serving up acoustic nostalgia with his cover of the Fresh Prince theme song, Ed Sheeran is back with another treat for ’90s babies: a duet with a Spice Girl.

Emma Bunton (a.k.a. Baby Spice) invited Sheeran to her “Heart” radio show this week, and the two teamed up for a rendition of the Spice Girls’ emotional 2000 swan song “Goodbye.” Bunton dubbed it “a perfect duet!” on Instagram, but Sheeran’s fanboy moment after the performance was even cuter. Suggesting that he could be the next Ginger Spice, he requested Geri Haliwell’s iconic Union Jack dress to make it official. Sorry, Geri: there’s a new redhead crooner in town.

Bunton’s full “Heart” interview with Sheeran will air tomorrow (January 14). Meanwhile, Ed is continuing to tease the shit out of his forthcoming album, Divide, which drops March 3.