Are You The One? Love Triangle: Who Is Edward's Perfect Match — Alicia or Kam?

The handsome model seems torn between the two lovelies

There's a brand-new love triangle on Are You The One?, and this one's the friendliest romantic conundrum we've ever seen.

The latest trio of singles following the Tyler-Taylor-Shannon situation: Edward, Kam and Alicia. What's interesting about these three is that they all seem cool with one another. No, no, get your head out of the gutter — no threesomes here (to our knowledge). But they're all good -- jealousy and cat fights have shockingly not been the norm surrounding this sexy trio. Er, yet.

As for Eddie, he officially seems torn between the two. Let's break down what's going on with the lovely ladies, shall we?

  • Kam

    Edward has already selected the New Jersey native at two Match-Up Ceremonies — during the Season 5 premiere, which resulted in two beams of light, and in the third episode, which boasted a whopping four beams. While Kam is pretty certain that one of those beams belongs to her and Eddie, she claims that she isn't feeling too jealous of his budding relationship with Alicia. "Alicia and Edward have a very strong friendship," the fiesty 21-year-old said. "I'm not getting territorial with Edward. The sooner we find out, the sooner we know. But if he doesn't pick me at the ceremony, I wouldn't be surprised if there was one less beam of light." Now that would explain why Kam was less than enthused when Mike selected her during tonight's Match-Up.

  • Alicia

    As for Alicia and Edward, their friendship appeared to have evolved into something more over the course of tonight's episode. "I have grown so much respect for you, and I do really like you," Alicia admitted during confessional. Though we were a wee bit shocked when the New Jersey native added, "It would be cool though if you and Kam were a match. I would be happy because I'd know that you were in good hands." Erm, WHAAAT?

    As for the Match-Up Ceremony, it's unsure whether Eddie would have selected Kam had Mike not beat him to the potential-match punch. Either way, the duo's bizarre secret handshake was telling, despite Alicia referring to her new love potential as "Uncle Eddie." We do know this: Edward is definitely feeling this girl. "This is my homie right here. I can be myself with her," he told host Ryan Devlin. "We initially hit it off as friends, and the more I got to know her, I definitely think there could be potential there." Hmmm, sometimes the best relationships start out as friendships!

Are you Team Kamward or Team Edicia? Or do you think they all belong with someone else entirely? Sound off, and find out what happens next with this threesome next Wednesday 9/8c.