Sia’s ‘Move Your Body’ Video Is Basically One Giant Photobomb

Blame it on the wig

1987 was a simpler time. Phones didn't have cameras to capture candid moments. Digital cameras didn't exist. If you wanted a fancy photo shoot, you went to a professional studio at your local mall. That's where Sia's "Move Your Body" lyric video, which dropped Thursday (January 12), begins.

At the studio, Sia's new tiny dancer friend — portrayed by 8-year-old Lilliana Ketchman, a Dance Moms star just like Maddie Ziegler — is so over the cheesy glamour shots. She runs off set, where she finds Sia's signature black-and-blonde wig in a dressing room. Once she tries it on, she can't stop her feet from moving.

Her happy feet take her back to the studio, where she photobombs strangers' posed pictures until two people — presumably her parents — drag her away. But then the strangers invite her back for even more photos! I guess it's one way to make new friends.