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Khloé Kardashian Brushes Off Those Kim And Kanye Divorce Rumors

Bible: They’re not breaking up

What?! A rumor about the Kardashians?! You must be joking. Who could even dream of such a thing?!

That's more or less Khloé Kardashian's attitude when it comes to discussing the private lives of her sisters, especially when more salacious headlines about the dissolution of their marriages or prospective pregnancies come into play. And who can blame her? She's been pregnant a zillion and a half times according to the tabloids, and that hasn't happened IRL (yet). The family's official position on the rumor mill? It can keep churning as they pay it no mind.

Khloé's answer was a solid "I don't think so" when she was asked in a Today interview about whether or not Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's marriage is actually on the rocks in the wake of their brutally tumultuous year. "There's rumors — I mean, I’ve been pregnant for, I think, eight years now," she said. "I’m pregnant with triplets at this point! It's, like, rumor after rumor after rumor. We’ve just learned not to address them."

One thing that's very real, though, is her relief following a positive development in regards to Kim's Parisian robbery. Earlier this week, 17 men were brought into custody in their apparent involvement in the October incident, where Kim was held up at gunpoint in her Paris apartment as thieves stole millions of dollars' worth of jewelry.