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Watch Ed Sheeran Flip, Turn The Fresh Prince Theme Song Upside Down

Will Smith is shook

Here’s something you never knew you needed: Ed Sheeran covering the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air theme song.

That’s right — after getting nostalgic about his childhood in the English countryside on the new single “Castle on the Hill,” Sheeran’s back to fake-reminisce about chillin’ out max and relaxin’ all cool in west Philadelphia.

During a recent appearance on Capital FM’s “Evening Show with Roman Kemp,” a fan asked Sheeran to cover Will Smith’s iconic ’90s theme song. Of course, he was immediately game (he doesn’t have a Fresh Prince–inspired tattoo on his arm for nothing), and proceeded to flip, turn the theme song upside down, complete with a ridiculously goofy rap voice.

Sheeran’s unexpected cover comes just hours after he revealed the tracklist for his third studio album, Divide (or ÷). Recently released singles “Castle” and “Shape of You” obviously made the cut ... and his Fresh Prince rendition obviously did not.