Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

Somebody Tell Kylie Jenner That Justin Bieber’s Ferrari Is For Sale

She’s already got a blue one, but ...

It's not like Kylie Jenner needs another bright blue Ferrari, given her demonstrated adoration of the Italian sports car brand. But just in case she does, someone connect her with Justin Bieber: He's unloading his speedy set o' wheels.

High Snobiety reports that Bieber's Ferrari 458 Italia F1 Edition, which was rendered a one-of-a-kind car by West Coast Customs, is on the auction block, and they also note that this is the same vehicle that Bieber casually, uh, misplaced for a few weeks in Los Angeles.

(It's not the same Ferrari that wound up drawing the attention of law enforcement in several instances a few years back, though. That one was white.)

Does this mean Bieber's in the market for a new car or has already bought one? We won't be seeing shots of a new whip on Instagram, that's for sure, but who knows: Hopefully he'll have fewer speeding infractions in the near future now that this super fast ride is out of his garage for good.