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Ed Sheeran Shares The Soul-Searching Song Titles To His Next Album

‘÷’ is coming

Ed Sheeran has already let loose two tracks off his forthcoming album, Divide (or ÷, if you want to get mathematical about it), and now he's dropped another big hint that the LP is coming soon.

Sheeran posted Divide's full tracklist to Instagram on Wednesday (January 11), demonstrating that while he knows how to write a successful pop tune, he's a little fuzzy on how to use a blackboard. The photo shows his new song titles written with ink on paper, cut out, and then taped to a blackboard, which seems like an excessively MacGyvered solution to a problem that could be fixed by buying chalk for, like, 50 pence tops.

Still, grade-school apparatus misuse aside, Sheeran's new album is full of songs with names like "Happier" and "New Man" and "What Do I Know?" Looks like we can expect some grade-A soul-searching from our favorite ginger hobbit. Now someone please FedEx the man some chalk so he can write out the album's release date.