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Drake Might Miss President Obama More Than Anyone In America

The Canadian rapper showed his love for the soon-to-be former president with a bizarre Photoshop

Noted Canadian Drake has a strange way of showing his love for American presidents.

Tuesday night (January 10), after President Obama's moving Farewell Address, Aubrey posted a tribute to the outgoing leader on his Instagram. “As a Canadian that calls America home for part of the year I will always carry your words and the memory of your time in office with me as inspiration,” Drake wrote.

The solemnity of his words was undercut slightly by his concluding sentence: “Big up yaself O.” Oh, and by the accompanying image, which was a Photoshop of President Obama with Drake's haircut and beard overlaid on his face.

This isn't the first time that Drake has superimposed himself onto Obama's station. He appeared as the American president a few years ago in his bizarre video for “Energy.”

But the idea of his own visage mixed with Barry's seems to have stuck in his mind, for reasons that will likely remain unknown to all but Aubrey Graham himself for the rest of recorded time.