Can Leah And Jeremy Overcome Their Teen Mom 2 Co-Parenting Challenges?

The former couple had difficulty communicating about their daughter Adalynn during this week's episode

Leah has worked hard to ensure she can effectively connect with Corey and Jeremy about their respective children -- but during tonight's Teen Mom 2 installment, the young mother struggled with her latter ex-husband to productively co-parent their little girl Adalynn.

The root of the issue: The West Virginia resident was due to pick up the toddler from Jeremy, but he texted his erstwhile wife that he was taking Adalynn to Ohio.

"I want to respect his time with her," a frustrated Leah told her cousin Chastity. "It's not that I care about Ady going up to Ohio -- it's the fact that there was no communication about this at all," she continued, before adding that Jeremy didn't answer her call about this specific situation.

But when the two eventually spoke on the phone, the conversation quickly turned hostile (relive some of it above). Jeremy said he couldn't reach Leah, while she countered that her device had been on all day but just bit the dust. From there, Leah stressed the necessity for her to know where her daughter is at all times if God forbid Adalynn got hurt. This struck a nerve with Jeremy, and he quickly lashed out.

"You act like we never talk with regards to our child, and that is such f**king bulls**t," he balked, before abruptly hanging up.

Leah vented to her sister Victoria and producer Amy that Jeremy wasn't being honest and expressed her disappointment that their child was transported during late hours (something Jeremy accused Leah of doing when they were married). When he tried to call back on Amy's device, Leah insisted she would not speak with him and let this circumstance "spiral out of control."

No immediate resolution was reached -- but how does this bode for the duo? Will their dealings continue to be contentious, or can they quickly come to an agreement about unpredictable developments in Adalynn's schedule? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c to see how they move on from this stressful circumstance.