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John Legend’s Name Was Spelled Wrong At The Golden Globes

And Chrissy Teigen ruthlessly made fun of him

Everyone makes mistakes. You get someone's name wrong the second time you meet them, or you forget you've met them before entirely. It happens. But somewhere, there's an intern who will have to live the rest of their days knowing that they spelled John Legend's name wrong on a Golden Globes nameplate.

Chrissy Teigen shared a photo of her husband on Twitter posing with the misspelled marker, which read "Ledgend" instead of "Legend." In true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she added some sympathetic commentary: "Bahahaha loser."

There's no excuse for not doing a Google search to proofread your nameplates before you print them, but some mistakes we could understand. Like mixing up Ryans Gosling and Reynolds, or any of the endless Chrises that populate Hollywood. We'd even be sympathetic to a misspelling of a more exotic name, like "Viggo Mortensen." But John Legend? Whose last name is a word in the dictionary that can also be used to describe him? Who did this?