Dev Patel's 8-Year-Old Co-Star Is The Most Adorable Human At The Golden Globes

Get ready to gush over Sunny Pawar

When Dev Patel took the stage at the 74th annual Golden Globes Sunday night (January 8), he was quickly overshadowed by someone half his height: Sunny Pawar, his precious 8-year-old Lion co-star. Patel is no stranger to the spotlight — remember Slumdog Millionaire and its eight Oscars? — but this is Pawar's first experience with Hollywood.

And he KILLED IT. Feast your eyes on this adorableness.

With one shy smile and giggle, Pawar melted fans' hearts. Lion, which follows a young boy who gets lost in India and is adopted by an Australian couple after he's discovered living on the streets, is decidedly upbeat. But Pawar and Patel, who portray main character Saroo Brierley 25 years apart, bring the true events described in Brierley's harrowing real-life memoir, A Long Way Home, to life beautifully on the big screen.

Of course, they're also pretty beautiful in real life. Pawar needed a little boost to reach the microphone, and Patel was happy to help.

Be still our hearts. 😍