Alexis Bledel Hasn't Heard Anything About The Future Of Gilmore Girls

That's because the filming of new episodes 'hasn't been a conversation yet'

The revival of Gilmore Girls has come and gone, and now that the snow has settled for the winter in Stars Hollow, it looks like A Year in the Life may be the beginning and end of the beloved show's next chapter — for now, anyway.

As a part of the Television Critics Association's press tour on January 7, Alexis Bledel — who was there to promote The Handmaid's Tale on the day of the drop of its insanely creepy trailer — revealed that conversations regarding the future of the reboot haven't given a solid indication as to whether or not it has one, frankly. We won't necessarily find out what happens to Lorelei, Rory, and the rest of the gang after that four-word cliffhanger, as Bledel told reporters that her involvement with a potential new season of the show hasn't even come up yet.

"I haven't heard anything," she said when asked about Gilmore Girls developments. "It hasn't been a conversation as of yet." Before that, Bledel noted that plans for the Netflix reboot had come together "naturally" before its November 25 premiere, and that schedules and a strong storyline would be two huge factors in whether or not Rory's future will get the streaming treatment.

"We had the fan reunion in Austin, and we picked up momentum from there, and it came together so quickly, and it really seemed like the right thing," she said. "I think most of us are just wanting to tell a good story, and I think that came together in A Year in the Life. The only thing I can say about a future installment of the show is it would be about the story and certainly the timing."

Hrm. Good thing you can binge-watch every season of the show leading up to the reboot, in the meantime.