Pretty Little Liars Final Season Promo Teases One Last Deadly Showdown With A.D.

Hanna has officially reached her breaking point

Leave it to Mona to make the most sense in the latest promo for the final season of Pretty Little Liars.

"We swim around in this fishbowl like we're in control. We are not," Mona ominously tells another person (Caleb?). "There's always been somebody watching, manipulating." Well, duh. We've known that since Season 1, back when you were the one watching and manipulating everybody, Mona.

In this new look at the final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars, the stakes are higher than ever for Aria, Hanna, Spencer, Emily, Mona, and Ali — and the Liars are starting to crack under the pressure. Seriously. Hanna looks like she's one more suspicious package away from going full-on Kill Bill and slicing everyone's scalps off. (If that's how Pretty Little Liars ends, all the twists and turns and red herrings will have been worth it.)

Of course, Hanna isn't the only one going through it thanks to A.D.'s machinations. Spencer's looking stressed in a police interrogation room, Emily's ready to attack an intruder with a candlestick (girl, really?), Ali's hiding some big secrets, and Aria looks like she just received a message she really didn't want to hear. The brief promo also gives us a glimpse into what appears to be the final showdown between the Liars and A.D. — at Rosewood High?!

BRB, setting a calendar reminder for April 18, 2017.