The Key To Finding Stiles: What Was It That Opened The Teen Wolf Rift?

They say love conquers all -- and they just might be right

It seems that the Teen Wolf crew (or rather, what's left of it) may have finally found the key to getting Stiles back: Memories.

On tonight's episode, Scott and Malia nearly froze to death while regurgitating their best (and even a few worst) flashbacks of their beloved friend. But it was Lydia who had the biggest connection of all to Stiles, and it all started with that unforgettable Stydia smooch in the locker room. Both Scott and Malia even admitted that a force of unspeakable power continues to draw them together.

"That's when it happened, when I kissed him. That's when it all changed," Lydia said, as the Stydia memories came flooding back during her hypnotic trance.

Fast forward to Stiles saving Lydia from Eichen House, along with the last time anyone saw him before he was taken: That epic Stydia moment in the Jeep. Then our favorite banshee suddenly remembered:

"I never said it back," she said with tears rolling down her face, as (gasp!) the rift slowly opened. Is it just us, or was it as if Lydia's sudden epiphany opened that doorway to the dark side (and Stiles)? After all these years of Stiles doing the chasing — seeing the best in Lydia and saving her from every imaginable supernatural evil — Lydia is finally coming to terms with her immense love for the younger Stilinski.

They — whoever "they" are — say that love conquers all, but is that the case for bringing Stiles back? Or does something (or someone) else hold the key? Sound off, and catch the winter finale of Teen Wolf next Tuesday at 9/8c!