The Invasion Champions Reflect On Their Illustrious Challenge Wins

The elite group will vie for another coveted crown

An elite group of men and women know what it feels like to put it all on the line and emerge from The Challenge as a champion. And as Season 29 of the beloved competition series progresses, eight previous victors will attempt to re-take the cash crown and emerge ahead of a strong crop of hungry underdog competitors (a bunch of them newbies to the game).

Before the Invasion of the Champions, MTV News spoke with Bananas, Camila, Cara Maria, CT, Darrell and Laurel and asked the gang to reflect on what it means to them to have this spectacular title on their resumes. And for the winningest person in the series' run, Bananas understands his special place in the MTV history books.

"There have been a lot of people who have done Challenges who have never won, so it's a pretty exclusive group to belong to," the Real World: Key West alum reveals in the video above.

How would the other five athletes characterize this achievement? Watch the clip to find out, and don't miss The Challenge: Invasion of the Champions, every Tuesday at 9/8c!