Ron Wolfson / Contributor

This Is What The Golden Globes Red Carpet Looked Like In 1997

It was a simpler time

Maybe you were alive in 1997. Maybe you weren't. No matter your age, surely you can appreciate the majesty that was the Golden Globes red carpet 20 years ago. In the tradition of red carpet column dresses, everyone kept their looks pretty simple, although Cher did wear an enormous leopard-print coat, and elbow-length gloves really had their moment. See for yourself!

  • Will and Jada Pinkett Smith
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    This photo is two years older than Jaden Smith.

  • Madonna
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    She was there to pick up awards for her work in Evita.

  • Courtney Love
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    The grunge singer went SO GLAM for the occasion.

  • Halle Berry

    She's having so much fun in that halter dress.

  • Gwyneth Paltrow

    Long before Paltrow was plotting her lifestyle newsletter empire, she was rolling up to the Golden Globes in a tube-top dress like, "I almost forgot this was tonight."

  • Gillian Anderson
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    Agent Scully went for sheer, sparkly elegance.

  • Fran Drescher
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    Yes, Fran!

  • Cher

    The future Twitter sensation sported a leopard cloak.

  • Ian McKellen
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    Gandalf goes velvet.

  • Christine Baranski
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    You probably know Baranski best from her role as Martha May Whovier in How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but you should know her best from THIS. LOOK.

  • Helen Mirren
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    I feel like I've seen Rihanna wear something like this before.

  • Sharon Stone
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    I dare your fave to even TRY showing up on the red carpet wearing a throw blanket.