Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

Kim Kardashian Flashes Face Bling In Her First Selfie Of 2017

New year, new piercing?

Now that Kim Kardashian has returned to social media and gone back to tweeting and posting cute shots of her fam to Instagram, the mom and mogul has also gone back to her favorite form of self-expression: the selfie.

And she used it to show off a lip ring, too.

While out and about with Kris Jenner on January 4, Kim snapped her first selfie of the New Year for a low-key flash of backseat glam. At first glance, the shot is a simple pic, but a closer look forces you to focus on a bright flash of bling on Kim's bottom lip.

It's most likely a clip-on, but even so, it's definitely a look — and one that eagle-eyed fans may have noticed in snaps of Kim taken during her mom's annual Christmas party. New looks aside, the return to routine is nice. It's great to see Kim back on social media after a long, troubled time away.