Teen Mom 2 Common Ground: How Do Chelsea And Taylor Support Each Other?

Adam's exes have come a long way through the years

Chelsea and Taylor's relationship hasn't always been smooth sailing -- but throughout the past few seasons of Teen Mom 2, Adam's exes have been able to find common ground and become allies as they co-parent their little girls with the young dad. But how do the two women support each other?

"She has mutual friends with Adam, and I don’t have any ties there," Chelsea -- who found out that Adam was behind on payments and that Taylor was dealing with a similar situation during this week's episode -- revealed to MTV News. "It’s nice because she will let me know if she hears anything important that she thinks I should know. There’s a lot of communication there."

But the bond goes deeper than just keeping each other informed about Adam-related updates.

"I care about her and Paislee, and she hears about me and Aubree. And we’re both in a similar situation with the same guy, so it’s been really nice to have that communication. We’ve come a long way," Chelsea adds, while stating that they speak about once a week.

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