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Kesha Went On An Unfollowing Spree For Her New Year’s Resolution

2017 means ‘less screens, less internet’

Kesha is reconsidering her relationship with the internet this year. On Tuesday (January 3), she abruptly unfollowed a slew of Instagram accounts before sharing a post explaining why.

"I'm sorry to those who I unfollowed," she wrote after whittling her newsfeed down to a mere eight accounts: four die-hard fans, three nail art galleries, one cat named Berlioz, and zero celebrities.

"I'm not disappearing, just trying to be less obsessed with the internet," she wrote. "I have been reading about the emotional effects of social media and it seems that it may help my anxiety and depression if I am more present. Less screens. Less internet."

She's totally right. Some research has confirmed that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media can impact your mental health, especially if you spend hours scrolling through newsfeed after newsfeed. Spending less time glued to a screen certainly can't hurt.

"Life is one big experiment," Kesha continued, suggesting that she may revise this resolution as the year goes on. So far, she's only purged her Instagram and left her Twitter as it is. "Let's see how it goes."