Bad Blood Aftermath: Who Mended Fences In The Real World, And Who Didn't?

Seven strangers were forced to confront seven ghosts, but some remain haunted

Season 32 of Real World challenged seven strangers to square off against enemies from their pasts, and while some successfully commissioned peace treaties, others left Seattle in the thick of warfare.

Before this week’s finale, it was clear that Theo and Kass would likely remain on the outs. The cousins were ensconced in combat from the moment they reunited in the Pacific Northwest, and Kass’ constant needling — and Theo’s eventual physical retaliation, which got him sent home early — led to little resolution.

“Our relationship is scarred to the point where I don’t think it can really be 100% healed,” Kass admitted as he began to say his final goodbyes to Seattle. “But, I mean, I have…greater things to worry about.”

On the other hand, Mike and Peter did seem to settle their beef — at least a little bit — before Mike left the house early to avoid fallout from an argument that painted him as a racist. And prior to Tyara’s choice to fly the coop to address an unexpected pregnancy, she and high school bully Kimberly both apologized for shared teenage hostility and promised to support each other in the days ahead.

While sisters Katrina and Anna had the most history to overcome — the siblings were constantly at each other’s throats and routinely punished each other when they felt slighted — they also demonstrated some real growth. After a round of therapy and nakedly honest conversations with their mother, they learned they weren’t so different and seemed to successfully heal.

“We’ve had out weird nights, our fun nights, our annoying nights, our arguments, our everything, but at the end of the day, I’m so happy I’ve lived with her here,” Katrina said. “It’s really come down to, like, family means everything.”

And from family to friends, Jordan and Orlana proved even the most pronounced fallouts aren’t hopeless. The former BFFs, who stopped talking before entering the house because of issues surrounding jealousy and abandonment (Orlana confessed she felt deserted by Jordan after confessing to a suicide attempt), came full circle by move-out day. Where they barely spoke upon Orlana’s move-in, they’d become each other’s confidants by the end of Real World.

“I’m sad that you ever thought that I didn’t care…I’m not super-sensitive, I’m not super-emotional, so the way I might come off might be harsher. But at the end of the day, I love you. I still care for you,” Jordan insisted after a particularly moving chat.

And from friends to exes, Anika and Will proved to be a unique strain of "bad blood." It took the former lovebirds until the 11th hour to confront the demons of their past, but once they did, their story seemed to have the potential for a happy — or at least civil — ending.

“I think I am gonna be able to move forward with Will,” Anika, who admitted to intentionally agitating Will when she felt wronged, said. “We need to sustain where we are and actually have a friendship, which I think is the hardest part.”

And while the hardest part of Jenn’s Real World experience was no doubt navigating the rough waters of a new relationship with Peter, she and ex-boyfriend Robbie did seem to come to an understanding. Where Robbie once felt unable to trust Jenn and even sent her a video that featured him burning her stuff, the fire seemed to have subsided by move-out day.

So now that the season is over, which pair of Real World: Bad Blood cast members most successfully mended fences, and do you see any progressing into real relationships? Share your thoughts on Season 32!

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