Zayn’s New Designer Sneaker Collab Mixes ‘Rock And Roll’ With ‘Organic Colors’

Whatever that means!

Last year, Zayn launched both his solo career and his mission to become a style icon. He became a front-row fixture at Fashion Weeks and announced collaborations with both Versace and shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti. Now he's starting off 2017 strong by revealing the sneakers he created with Zanotti.

Zayn told Vogue, "I wanted to mix up the iconic rock ’n’ roll styles like boots, which are quite hard, with organic colors. I think the mix makes them feel quite classic." This basically translates to styles like sneakers made of olive green leather.

Gigi Hadid has already been spotted sporting swag from the Giuseppe x Zayn collab.

Which can only be a good sign. As they say, couples that wear each others' exclusive designer shoe collabs together, stay together.