Could The #DemiLovatoChallenge Outshine Poot Lovato?

Demi’s definitely a fan

Sorry, Poot Lovato, but there's a new Demi-inspired viral trend on the rise. The #DemiLovatoChallenge began just over two weeks ago when YouTube personality Kandi Reign shared an original song and dance for Lovatics everywhere.

"I be like Demi Lovato," Reign repeats through the tune's chorus, though it's the choreography that's especially hype. Upon posting the vid, she invited her 15,000 followers to make their own #DemiLovatoChallenge videos across social media.

Fans responded with so many vids, Demi herself noticed. "This #DemiLovatochallenge is giving me LIFE," she tweeted Monday night (January 2). This is a much happier reaction than she had to "Poot" back in 2015, when a Tumblr user turned an unflattering red carpet photo of her into a meme, calling the image her long-lost fictional twin sister named Poot.

"Cool to see a shitty angle turn into a meme that circulates the internet to people's amusement [and] make actual 'headlines,'" she tweeted at the time.

But it's worth noting that Poot Lovato became so famous, she made Time's Most Influential Fictional Characters List that year. With a new viral challenge popping up every few weeks — like the Mannequin Challenge and the Running Man Challenge — will the #DemiLovatoChallenge have the staying power that Poot did? Only time will tell, but of all the ways to kick off 2017's viral moments, this is a pretty solid start.