Roger Kisby/Getty Images

Thank You, Jaden Smith, For The Most Cathartic Tweet Of 2016

I want these 44 characters permanently etched into my skin

Some tweets are just too real. 2016 will likely be remembered as one of the most upsetting — and unsettling — years in recent memory, and 18-year-old wordsmith/philosopher Jaden Smith has perfectly captured the sentiment in one cathartic tweet. It's 12 words and 44 characters of pure, unfiltered, sage-like clarity.

The tweet is a riff on a lyric from The Weeknd's "Sidewalks" — "I ran out of tears when I was 18" — but for some reason I can't stop thinking about it. I want this tweet permanently etched into my skin. I want this to be the inscription on my headstone. The next time I find myself inexplicably crying on the 1 train, I want to whisper, "I wish I had run out of tears at 18" to myself and the indifferent woman sitting next to me listening to Drake on her phone. I want to carry it around with me, always and forever.

Because after enduring the emotional tsunami that was 2016, and experiencing the loss of so many radical pop culture icons, I want nothing more than to permanently plug my tear ducts until the universe figures its shit out.

So thank you, Jaden, for this tiny bit of catharsis at the end of an otherwise no-good, terrible year.