Monica Schipper/WireImage

Halsey Transformed Her Pixie Cut Into Long Hair Overnight

Her lengthy locks are back

Halsey is taking a break from her trademark buzz and pixie cuts. For over a year now, she's been a master of super-short hairstyles, including the occasional trendy lob. But on Wednesday (December 28), she revealed long, flowing locks on Snapchat and Instagram — a look she rocked for one night only last August, for her MTV Video Music Awards performance.

The pitch-black color is especially surprising, since two weeks ago she dyed her hair a bright violet to match the lyrics in her "Colors" single. The Badlands singer loves to change up her tresses, however, so no 'do sticks around for too long. In fact, she used to have long, blue mermaid hair two years ago.


She always looks incredible, but knowing Halsey, she'll likely return to her shorter styles sooner rather than later. Earlier this month, she told Billboard she prefers shorter hair because "it feels like my head can breathe."

But who knows! Maybe Halsey's embracing the whole ~new year, new me~ philosophy. Whatever the case, long or short, she slays.