Are You The One? Memories: The Season 5 Cast Dishes On Their Favorite Moments From Seasons Past

Of course, Devin and Kiki were unforgettable

Are You the One? has featured some unforgettable couples, explosive hissy fits and yes, lovvveeeeee. And as 22 men and women do their damnedest to walk away with their perfect match and their share of the $1 million prize -- beginning on January 11 -- we asked several of them to wax nostalgic and reflect on which incidents from previous installments hold a special place in their heart.

For Andre and Mike, Season 4 alum John's epic outburst over Julia stands out among the rest, while Kathryn ate up Kiki and Devin's unique relationship from Season 3. Specifically, Kiks dishing about her lackluster sex life with the puppet master.

"That's terrible!" the Southern belle exclaims in the clip above. You ain't kidding...

And Derrick seems to have a little crush on a past castie -- to find out who (a hint: she's known for her twerking), watch the video! And don't miss all of the snogging romance on Are You the One? premiering on Wednesday, January 11 at 9/8c!