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Ariana Grande Says ‘I Am Not A Piece Of Meat’ To Objectifying Fan

‘We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS.’

Ariana Grande and Mac Miller have been dating for a few months now, and their relationship seems to be going pretty well — especially if the "My Favorite Part" video is any indication. And in a new note posted to Twitter on Tuesday night (December 27), Ari calls him "a man who treats me with love and respect." That's all very good.

Unfortunately, the note was prompted by an incident with a fan whose words denigrated her.

Ari writes that after her and Miller stopped to grab some food, a "young boy" approached them and began telling Miller how he was a fan. This was all "cute and exciting," Ari writes, until he looked at her, called her "sexy as hell," and complimented Miller on "hitting that."

"Hitting that? The fuck??" she writes. "This might not seem like a big deal to some of you but I felt sick and objectified."

She mentioned that this is not a one-off incident and that this particular remark is indicative of the larger problem of women being consistently objectified: "Thing like this happen all the time and are the kinds of moments that contribute to women's sense of fear and inadequacy. I am not a piece of meat that a man gets to utilize for his pleasure."

Ari ends the note by calling for women to not say silent about this kind of treatment. "We need to talk about these moments openly because they are harmful and they live on inside of us as shame," she said. "We need to share and be vocal when something makes us feel uncomfortable because if we don't, it will just continue. We are not objects or prizes. We are QUEENS."

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