Is Tyler A 'Bad Guy' Or Is He Just Playing The Are You The One? Game?

The Massachusetts native is quickly leaving behind a trail of broken hearts

Following last week's shocking Match-Up Ceremony, Taylor and Tyler appeared to be one of the only potential matches to dodge the Are You The One? blackout bullet. But now in a sudden change of events, the Massachusetts native is unabashedly letting his schmuck flag fly.

While the pair initially sat together during the Season 5 premiere, their connection started to go south during last week's Match-Up Ceremony when Hayden selected Taylor as his perfect match, resulting in the weirdest reaction ever from Tyler.

"If it's a serious thing and somebody can take a girl out for me, they're doing me a favor," he said. "If they're going to go with somebody else, then that's not the type of person I want to be with."

Um... WHAT? Let's just address the fact that Hayden picked Taylor -- it wasn't the other way around.

Fast-forward to tonight, when Tyler not only found himself locking lips with Shannon but also getting straddled by Kari along with a supposed "30-second hand job." Naturally, Taylor — who already struggles with major trust issues — felt slighted, seeing as they still have major match potential, and stated, "I think we need to figure out whether we're a f*cking match or not before we go around and talk to other people."

Tyler's explanation? He's merely playing the game. "I'm just trying to get to know people, and I feel like every single time I sit down with somebody, it ends up getting physical," he confessed. "I'm just doing my thing. If it happens, it happens with a girl. Or two or three. It is what it is."

Despite witnessing Tyler and Kari getting hot and heavy, Shannon selected the Bostonian during tonight's Match-Up (sloppy seconds, anyone?), which left a confused Taylor in tears over Ty's lack of communication. The ever-rational Ryan Devlin quickly put things into perspective: "I feel like there's some feelings that are really being hurt here. Now's the time to become a better version of yourself so you can find your perfect match."

Tyler ended the conversation with a sarcastic, "Guess I'm the bad guy." But is he being a "bad guy," or is the 22-year-old simply playing the game, following a blackout that left all 22 love hopefuls completely discouraged, not to mention short a half million dollars?

Give us your honest thoughts, and find out what happens next Wednesday at 9/8c!