Can Jenelle And Nathan Stick To Their Teen Mom 2 Custody Arrangement?

During tonight's episode, Kaiser's parents were able to come to a co-parenting agreement

Jenelle and her ex Nathan have long had difficulty coming to a mutually beneficial co-parenting arrangement for Kaiser -- but during tonight's episode, the former couple was able to reach a visitation agreement for their toddler. But will the parents be able to stick to the plan, or will they be forced to go to court because they can't maintain their deal?

For her part, Jenelle (who was also found not guilty of assault charges filed by Nathan's girlfriend Jessi in a separate case) wanted everything to be set in stone so that Kai would be able to see his dad. However, her erstwhile fiancé needed to show he had purchased "the necessities" for the two-year-old in order for her to proceed in a new direction.

"Even if Nathan isn't going to try, I'm still trying," Jenelle told her mom Barbara before the mediation session.

On the other had, Nathan told his friend Josh that he was attempting to get primary custody because he believed he was better suited to care for his mini-me.

"I think the odds are in my favor -- I just have so much more to offer," he said.

Fast-forward post meeting and the two settled on joint custody -- specifically, Nathan would have Kaiser the first weekend (Thursday-Sunday) of the month and the last two weekends of the month (Thursday-Sunday). The next steps: Drafting the formal paperwork, then having Jenelle and Nathan review the documents and return them signed.

Both parties seemed satisfied with how everything was settled (despite a few hiccups in the beginning of the conversation about the aforementioned necessary items), but will the schedule stick? Or will the duo revert backward and be faced with calling on their lawyers and going back to court to re-negotiate? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c, plus a special presentation on Wednesday at 8/7c, to see how Jenelle and Nathan cope with this new understanding for their child.