Are You The One? Twist: Should The Cast Take Cash In Lieu Of Using The Truth Booth?

It's quite an offer -- but one that could bite them in the you-know-what

What's more important — extra money that you may or may not get, or the security that you might actually have a better shot at winning the game (and the slightly-less-but-still-giant cash prize)?

In a shocking turn of events, Ryan announced a new twist that has never been done before during a single season of Are You The One?: As Hayden and Gianna nervously walked to the Truth Booth, he told the rest of the cast that they actually have a choice of "love or money" during this phase of the game.

"If you give up the result of the Truth Booth, I'll add $150,000 to your prize," the host stated. Cue all of the jaws on the floor.

The real kicker? "If you take the trade, the couple that you send into the Truth Booth can never be sent into the Truth Booth together again," Ryan added.

The Truth Booth has long been an Are You The One? staple -- a crucial element in nailing those 10 (or in this case, 11) beams of light in time to land $1 million. Take that away, and your chances of winning the game go way down, no matter how many red Solo cups you have.

Ever the voice of reason, Kam basically said what we were all thinking: "What's the point of winning all that extra money if we're cutting our chances slimmer and slimmer?"

The group then voted to officially send Hayden and Gianna in, only to quickly discover their incompatibility. Will they take the trade next time? And do you think they should have just taken the cash instead, never knowing the fate of the two Midwesterners?

Post your thoughts, and find out what happens during the next Truth Booth run Wednesday at 9/8c!