Hearing On LP Warning Stickers Set For Today

If Georgia Democratic Rep. Vernon Jones has his way today, a bill that would make it illegal to sell albums with parental warning stickers to minors will move another step closer to becoming law.

The Special Judiciary Committee of the Georgia State House of

Representatives convened a hearing on Tuesday morning to examine the bill.

The hearing had not yet adjourned by press time.

If the bill, known as HB 1170, is passed out of committee, it then goes to

the full House for a vote. If the measure becomes law, any person caught

selling a stickered album to a customer under age 18 can be charged with a

misdemeanor offense.

Jones, the bill's author, said he proposed the

statute "because there was an outcry of parents, and surprisingly enough

students, that said this music is too offensive to minors."

Last month, Georgia singer and songwriter Vic Chesnutt told Addicted To

Noise that he thought the bill would result in decreased sales for

particular genres of music. "Some records will fly right on through

because authorities are too ignorant to sticker them," said Chesnutt, who

has released five albums, some containing adult language, none of which

have been stickered. "Of course, all the rap records are going to be

stickered all over. There's going to be some kind of racist bias, whether

it's on purpose or not. That's a big problem that shoots a hole in [the

bill] right there. But [legislators] won't see it." -- Chris Nelson [Tues., Feb. 3, 1998, 9 a.m. PST]