Is Are You The One?'s Michael Being Just A Little Overdramatic About Gianna?

The 11th guy had some choice words for the beautiful Ohio native

While the majority of the Are You The One?'s Season 5 love hopefuls were mingling in all their scantily clad glory during tonight's season premiere, Gianna found herself battling a love triangle of epic proportions.

The beautiful Ohio native first bonded with Hayden over their mutual abundance of cornfields, but the man dubbed lady G's "safe pick" thanks to her mom's choosing simply couldn't hold a candle to suave Michael's smooth moves. And later, Hayden suffered the ultimate TKO when he and Gianna entered the Truth Booth following their getaway date.

With a big, fat NO MATCH result, Gianna's internal hunch was confirmed, and she ran right back into Michael's arms. But the 11th guy wasn't having it, claiming she "f*cked up."

Um, she had a scheduled date, so how exactly is that a f*ck up? Either way, Michael's harsh words struck a chord with Gianna, who went against the grain and chose a blindsided Ozzy during the Match-Up Ceremony.

"[Michael] doesn't deserve to be my choice," the 21-year-old confessed. "I was crying all night because of him, and I wasn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt."

Meanwhile, Michael's strategy is simply "to do whatever I wanna do, to go after any girl I wanna go after." Yowza! Potential womanizer alert.

So is the Floridian being a little overdramatic about his Gianna issues? Or is his hurt valid? Or could he possibly be using Gianna's date with Hayden as a cop-out because he really just isn't that into her? Post your thoughts, and find out what happens next Wednesday at 9/8c.