Are You The One? Girl Code: Was It Too Soon For Hannah To Pounce On Andre?

Alicia cried 'foul' when the brunette swooped in so damn fast

Isn't there some sort of unspoken rule about allowing a grieving period after a gal gets her heart broken?

Either that girl-code guideline is fabricated BS or Hannah didn't get the memo during Wednesday night's episode of Are You The One?

Not only did the California girl not waste any time, but she already had her sights set on Andre while he was still on a getaway date with Alicia. (Guess his windsurfing skills were that hard to resist.)

The seemingly in-sync Andre and Alicia, however, were quickly confirmed to be a Truth Booth no-match, and in a move that didn't bode well for her "house thot" reputation, Hannah instantly swooped in to ask a heartbroken Alicia for her blessing before the girl even had a chance to dry her eyes. Alicia's take on the brunette's timing? "Wait 'til the next f*cking day to do that sh*t."

Meanwhile, the bearded Minnesota native was all too eager to accommodate Hannah's flattery. Alicia then took matters into her own hands, quickly putting the kibosh on their flirt-fest and confronting Andre, who epically shouted, "Let me be me, and let me find my sh*t. But I can't because these girls are in their f*cking feelings and can't play the game they signed up for!"

Hmm, maybe 'Dre has a point. The Season 5 crew doesn't have time to waste in finding all 11 perfect matches, especially when blackouts abound.

So was Hannah right to simply "play the game," or should she have given Alicia a solid 24 hours to recover before pouncing? Comment with your opinion, and catch an all-new episode on Wednesday at 9/8c!